100 reasons why Anthropogenic Global Warming
is a cult

The Guru is Always Right

Is belief in Anthropogenic Global Warming a cult? Apply this 100 point Cult Test and you tell us. Read each one, adding one point for each statement that rings as true. Total up the score and tell us, on a scale of 0 to 100, what you come up with. Well, it really should be a score between 1 to 100, as there can be no person alive, even if a member of the cult, that could not agree with point #1.
Cult leader Al Gore, is so “always right” that his devotees don’t even question the fact that he will debate no one. Ever. Anywhere. They laugh at this absurd notion, for He is The One. Others are unworthy to even stand in his presence.

In a comment here on our site, Gord alerted us to the test when he posted the first 10 points of “The Cult Test.”

It describes the Cult of Anthropogenic Climate Change near perfectly. Following are the first ten points, with a bit of description from the extensively documented list.

1. The Guru is always right.
“The Guru, his church, and his teachings are always right, and above criticism, and beyond reproach.”

2. You are always wrong.

“Cult members are also told that they are in no way qualified to judge the Guru or his church. Should you disagree with the leader or his cult about anything, see Cult Rule Number One. Having negative emotions about the cult or its leader is a “defect” that needs to be fixed.”

3. No Exit.
“There is simply no proper or honorable way to leave the cult. Period. To leave is to fail, to die, to be defeated by evil. To leave is to invite divine retribution.”

4. No Graduates.
“No one ever learns as much as the Guru knows; no one ever rises to the level of the Guru’s wisdom, so no one ever finishes his or her training, and nobody ever graduates.”

5. Cult-speak.
“The cult has its own language. The cult invents new terminology or euphemisms for many things. The cult may also redefine many common words to mean something quite different. Cult-speak is also called “bombastic redefinition of the familiar”, or “loading the language”.”

6. Group-think, Suppression of Dissent, and Enforced Conformity in Thinking
“The cult has standard answers for almost everything, and members are expected to parrot those answers. Willfulness or independence or skeptical thinking is seen as bad. Members accept the leader’s reality as their own.”

7. Irrationality.
“The beliefs of the cult are irrational, illogical, or superstitious, and fly in the face of evidence to the contrary.”

8. Suspension of disbelief.
“The cult member is supposed to take on a childish naïveté, and simply believe whatever he is told, no matter how unlikely, unrealistic, irrational, illogical, or outrageous it may be. And he does.”

9. Denigration of competing sects, cults, religions, groups, or organizations.
“This is commonplace, and hardly needs any explanation.”

10. Personal attacks on critics.
“Anyone who criticizes the Guru, the cult or its dogma is attacked on a personal level.”

Here are the rest of the items, 11 through 100. We do hope #100 is not right in regards to the global warming cult, since many are truly decent people that have simply been brainwashed. But we do see a mass political suicide coming, and that’s a good thing. A damn good thing.

11. Insistence that the cult is THE ONLY WAY.
12. The cult and its members are special.
13. Induction of guilt, and the use of guilt to manipulate cult members.
14. Unquestionable Dogma, Sacred Science, and Infallible Ideology.
15. Indoctrination of members.
16. Appeals to “holy” or “wise” authorities.
17. Instant Community.
18. Instant Intimacy.
19. Surrender To The Cult.
20. Giggly wonderfulness and starry-eyed faith.
21. Personal testimonies of earlier converts.
22. The cult is self-absorbed.
23. Dual Purposes, Hidden Agendas, and Ulterior Motives.
24. Aggressive Recruiting.
25. Deceptive Recruiting.
26. No Humor.
27. You Can’t Tell The Truth.
28. Cloning — You become a clone of the cult leader or other elder cult members.
29. You must change your beliefs to conform to the group’s beliefs.
30. The End Justifies The Means.
31. Dishonesty, Deceit, Denial, Falsification, and Rewriting History.
32. Different Levels of Truth.
33. Newcomers can’t think right.
34. The Cult Implants Phobias.
35. The Cult is Money-Grubbing.
36. Confession Sessions.
37. A System of Punishments and Rewards.
38. An Impossible Superhuman Model of Perfection.
39. Mentoring.
40. Intrusiveness.
41. Disturbed Guru, Mentally Ill Leader.
42. Disturbed Members, Mentally Ill Followers.
43. Create a sense of powerlessness, covert fear, guilt, and dependency.
44. Dispensed existence
45. Ideology Over Experience, Observation, and Logic
46. Keep them unaware that there is an agenda to change them
47. Thought-Stopping Language. Thought-terminating clichés and slogans.
48. Mystical Manipulation
49. The guru or the group demands ultra-loyalty and total committment.
50. Demands for Total Faith and Total Trust
51. Members Get No Respect. They Get Abused.
52. Inconsistency. Contradictory Messages
53. Hierarchical, Authoritarian Power Structure, and Social Castes
54. Front groups, masquerading recruiters, hidden promoters, and disguised propagandists
55. Belief equals truth
56. Use of double-binds
57. The cult leader is not held accountable for his actions.
58. Everybody else needs the guru to boss him around, but nobody bosses the guru around.
59. The guru criticizes everybody else, but nobody criticizes the guru.
60. Dispensed truth and social definition of reality
61. The Guru Is Extra-Special.
62. Flexible, shifting morality
63. Separatism
64. Inability to tolerate criticism
65. A Charismatic Leader
66. Calls to Obliterate Self
67. Don’t Trust Your Own Mind.
68. Don’t Feel Your Own Feelings.
69. The cult takes over the individual’s decision-making process.
70. You Owe The Group.
71. We Have The Panacea.
72. Progressive Indoctrination and Progressive Commitments
73. Magical, Mystical, Unexplainable Workings
74. Trance-Inducing Practices
75. New Identity — Redefinition of Self — Revision of Personal History
76. Membership Rivalry
77. True Believers
78. Scapegoating and Excommunication
79. Promised Powers or Knowledge
80. It’s a con. You don’t get the promised goodies.
81. Hypocrisy
82. Denial of the truth. Reversal of reality. Rationalization and Denial.
83. Seeing Through Tinted Lenses
84. You can’t make it without the cult.
85. Enemy-making and Devaluing the Outsider
86. The cult wants to own you.
87. Channelling or other occult, unchallengeable, sources of information.
88. They Make You Dependent On The Group.
89. Demands For Compliance With The Group
90. Newcomers Need Fixing.
91. Use of the Cognitive Dissonance Technique.
92. Grandiose existence. Bombastic, Grandiose Claims.
93. Black And White Thinking
94. The use of heavy-duty mind control and rapid conversion techniques.
95. Threats of bodily harm or death to someone who leaves the cult.
96. Threats of bodily harm or death to someone who criticizes the cult.
97. Appropriation of all of the members’ worldly wealth.
98. Making cult members work long hours for free.
99. Total immersion and total isolation.
100. Mass suicide.

Share your scoring.

Source: The Cult Test

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54 Responses to “100 reasons why Anthropogenic Global Warming
is a cult”

  1. Paul in Chicago says:

    Wow. “A. Orange” has really outdone himself or herself. In fact, #97 has the names Ananias and Sapphira written between every line. See Acts 4:32-5:11, esp. the part where Simon bar Jonah inflates the conflict by hooting that Ananias hasn’t lied to men, oh no, but to the god.

    That said, there are a few warts. For example, #93 amounts to the claim that there is no such thing as a set of contradictory propositions, i.e. a set in which one must be true and the other false. But such propositions have been proved to exist, so Orange makes a mistake quite similar to type condemned. It could be fixed by changing the explanation to “seeing ALL issues in terms of absolute black and white”.

    On a related note, #19 should make the rounds at the anti-islam sites. “Surrender To Allah And To Submission”, the guru taught.

  2. Patrick Hansel says:

    Thank you! This is the best and purest example of projection I’ve ever seen! In order to believe this stuff, you literally have to deny reality–and then claim those with another opinion are doing it. Look at the facts, please.

    • Tel says:

      Let’s look at a few facts such as the Vostok ice core which showed one warm cycle approximately every 100000 years with most of the time spent at somewhere round 6K to 8K colder than present day temperatures. Also shows that CO2 change lags behind temperature change and that we are near the end of one of the warm interglacial periods.

      Maybe you prefer the Greenland GISP2 ice core showing cyclic warm periods approximately every 1000 years on a general cooling trend also suggesting the present day interglacial is gradually coming to an end and showing us coming up out of the “Little Ice Age” for what will hopefully be a brief warm period lasting a few hundred years.

      Those facts demonstrate that the effect of recent anthropogenic CO2 on the temperature has been too small to even measure and is completely swamped by warming and cooling cycles that have existed for longer than humans have walked the Earth.

      But if you want to bring your own facts to the table, then I’m more than willing to have a look at them. But then, for a cultist blind assertion is enough to carry any argument so I don’t expect that you have any facts.

  3. dj says:

    Wow, Is the Roman Catholic Church a cult? Sure seems to fit the criteria. Well, if not, then I don’t have to worry about #96. But many in the past die. Paying money to get Pops out of purgatory? Not biblical, just an ecclesiastical money scheme. Which # would this be?
    #11 sums it up.

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  6. Russ says:

    I think liberalism in general would score 100 out of 100 – except for maybe the mass suicide thing. Although we can dream.

  7. 40ag.com says:

    [...] Global Warming.100 reasons why Anthropogenic Global Warming is a cult [...]

  8. John David Galt says:

    I agree with Russ, except let’s not concede the word “liberal” to the theftists^Wleftists. It’s needed again in its original meaning as the adjective of liberty.

  9. Fouad says:

    Here is a speech by Bill Gates on global warming.


    • John W. says:

      I know I saw it. Once upon a time Bill was a promising computer geek who was not very good at programming according to his Microshaft colleagues. Now he is telling us that we all have to have an injection an die. What a waste of a brain. Having said that i’m all for renewable energy, solar, hydro, wind, tidal etc. that makes sense but the CO2 argument is somewhat precarious and based on dodgy science. It would be great if solar cells were cheap enough to put on everybody’s roof, but have you seen the price of them?

  10. Tel says:

    Sadly, looks like #100 has been affirmed after the Francisco Lotero and Miriam Coletti story. Hopefully, there are no cases of people driven to suicide by being too skeptical.

  11. John W. says:

    Just in case Al Gore fails in his mass suicide bid and that of his his followers.

    We here at “Death-Right Inc (The experts choice)” would hereby like to offer our services to do it for them. Free of charge of course.

    We offer a choice of death to these idiots, lethal injection although it might take a while to get round all of the idiots who believe this nonsense. Needles & syringes supplied FREE !!!!!

    We offer an express option of being burnt to death or drowned. The advantage here is that many advocates can be dealt with in one go. Clean safe and humane – (unless you’re an advocate)

    The latest option – lethal electrocution, using state of the art technology. Many advocates can be wired up in parallel for maximum current consumption. It really is fun to watch their eyeballs boil, well worth watching. We can also wire them up in series but it does take longer and costs a little more, due to the higher voltages requires.

    We apologise to the neighbours if the lights go a bit dim, and the telly flickers a bit, whilst this occurs though and normal service will be resumed as quickly as possible.

    Call now for an immediate quote, please state how many advocates will be attending as we may have to buy thicker wire and a bigger generator.

    All corpses are disposed of in an eco-friendly way according to local environmental policy, where possible, the remains of corpses are recycled into door mats, tyres, plastics, trash bins, toilets etc.

    Death-Right Inc (The experts choice) call +44-111-111-111-1111


    Perhaps then and only then the junk science will go away. Everyone now knows about the 800 year time lag between CO2 levels and temperature and that it is temperature that leads CO2 and not the other way around. If 0.037% of the atmosphere is CO2 and is so important then stop cutting down the rain forest that is the single biggest thing that we could do to cut CO2. The only problem then would be is how do we replace income of the poor countries who are the ones cutting down the rain forest. Plant more green stuff that will reduce CO2 – CO2 is plant food for God’s sake.

    Then we can all be normal again, go home and have some tea

  12. mel64d says:

    …this is what it is all about with these people…please take a look and see for yourself!! http://www.green-agenda.com/globalrevolution.html

  13. Graham says:

    mel64d – I took a look and when I saw mention of the Club of Rome, then I’d have to say I don’t disagree with you. What that is exactly has always been a concern.

  14. John W. says:

    How about paying people in poorer countries to plant trees instead of chopping them down. That would cut the CO2 problem.
    I’m certain that if agriculture were managed properly in this way, then the likes of Mr Gore, who says he also invented the internet, would not have any argument.

    (I wonder what Mr Tim Berners-Lee thought of Gore’s comments)

  15. John W. says:

    If you carry on chopping down rainforests then of course CO2 will rise. The rainforests are the lungs of the planet. I speculate that one of the main reasons for CO2 increasing rapidly is because of the rapid increase in deforestation.

    It therefore makes perfect sense that if you replant as you chop down the net effect will be zero.

    Trouble is that just is not happening and we are chopping down quicker than we are replanting

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  17. Added a referenced to your post from (Isms) category from At The Water Cooler

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