25 Climate Change Debunking Videos Al Gore Doesn’t Want You To See

(one of the 25 videos from article is shown above)

Poor Al Gore. He was flying high a couple years ago. OK, OK, so it was in a carbon spewing private jet, but how else is a guy supposed to get to Oslo to pick up his Nobel Prize and then to Hollywood to pick up his Oscar. The last twelve months haven’t been so kind. Gore’s claim that “The debate is settled” is beginning to sound a little desperate. The only thing falling faster than temperatures is the former veep’s credibility. So let’s kick a guy when he’s down. Let’s put another 25 chinks in the Goracle’s tin foil armor. Here are our Top 25 anti-Global Warming Videos Al Gore Doesn’t Want You To See. But we do…

Full story with all 25 videos: I Hate the Media | Discuss

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3 Responses to “25 Climate Change Debunking Videos Al Gore Doesn’t Want You To See”

  1. Al Gore-Vidal says:


    If I wouldn’t have invented the internets, none of this crap would be happening to me…

  2. Anders says:

    Actually, both the Nobel committee and the Nobel Institute, as well as the award itself is right here in Oslo, Norway. Not Stockholm, wich is in Sweden. You should look that up on a world map. I live here in Oslo, and I’ve just experienced president Obama and Secret Service turning the whole city up-side-down for the very same purpose. Get your information straight.

    • Editor says:

      Hey Anders, thanks, for correcting us on such an important detail. We’d originally copied that from the source. Unlike AGW “scientists,” we here are willing to admit mistakes publicly and correct the data. Corrected.

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