Church of Global Warming — The Movie

Church of Global Warming, Part 1 of 6

We bring you a new hour long movie called Church of Global Warming, a very well done, high quality movie, presented in six parts here. It’s a great primer to send to to any of your uninformed global warming believers. Its producer, James Follet, is a energy industry professional, spending the past 10 years in renewable energy company. He studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge University and then worked as a Neuroscience researcher at the Free University of Berlin.

His site, ClimateReview.net, houses the movie, and in fact, allowed downloads of it. He also provides views and downloads of a movie trailer and a Powerpoint Presentation.

It’s too bad it was completed just before the Climategate story broke, so it’s not included. We hope Mr. Follet is planning a next movie on the subject.

Use the page numbers below to go to subsequent parts.

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8 Responses to “Church of Global Warming — The Movie”

  1. Excellent hat tipped what a find

  2. yonason says:

    They have drawn of a “Covenant with the earth”

    And they have fashioned an “Ark” to lug it around in.

    But don’t let anyone tell you it’s a religion! …suckkah!

  3. yonason says:

    Can you get my last out of spam filter? It’ll be worth it.

  4. KDK says:

    I can one up you on this link… HOLY SHITE, man.


    Unreal… The UN MUST be burned to the ground and that is a fact based on its political agenda, which IMO, is an act of treachery against this sovereign country. Our ‘leaders’ never really come out and tell us what they sign behind closed doors via the UN, but I can guarantee you Agenda 21, Codex A., AGW, etc., are all aimed at controlling the masses and the planet.

  5. Many thanks ClimateGate for posting this entry.

    As you mentioned on my forum, just after completing this movie a few notable events have occurred in the field:

    a) The farcical political posturing that was Copenhagen.

    b) The controversial Lindzen-Choi climate feedback paper:

    c) And, of course, ClimateGate.

    If “the Church of Global Warming” movie piques peoples interest, in general, then the inclusion of these events into a re-edited version would be the next step…?

  6. [...] the potential problems with the theories of “The Church of Global Warming”. ¬†Click here to watch the remaining 5 [...]

  7. Larry says:

    I believe this film should be shown to all students who are forced to view Al Gore’s propaganda piece An Inconvenient Truth.

  8. yonason says:

    “…an act of treachery against this sovereign country”

    The UN is an “act of treachery” against the world.

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