Media ignores Himalayan glaciers melt correction

Well what do you know, ABC News, via Reuters, has actually picked up the Himalayan glaciers story.

But that’s as far as the good news goes.

You won’t find the story on CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox, AP, New York Times, LA Times or any other major network. You need to go to more courageous papers in the UK and Australia, smaller conservative new sources, and of course blogs like this one.

You can see which non-blog news sources are listed as covering this story in Google News by clicking here. In addition to this search, we went to the major individual news sources listed above and checked them directly.

Try your own searches and let us know who else reports the news and who else doesn’t.

Oh, by the way, shame on Fox News especially–you’re not living up to the expectations you have set for us.

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11 Responses to “Media ignores Himalayan glaciers melt correction”

  1. ADE says:

    It was reported in an Indian Gov. funded research paper that the Himalayan glaciers were retreating at a rate no greater than in the last 100 years of monitoring.
    Environment Minister was reported in American press that for example,the Gangotri glacier ,which is 30 km. long,would take 1000 years to melt at 30 m/year which had been stated by climate activists

  2. Triple Bay says:

    How long can the politicians ignore this. They along with Al Gore, Pachauri and the various scientists involved in this must be scanning theses pages forst thing each morning to see what else is being released. AGW is nothing more than a trojan horse for money. Scrap Cap and Trade, Make Carbon Credits illegal.

    Governemnts should go back to the drawing board and come up with a new plan for green energy.

  3. As the post said, the Uk papers have picked up on it. Notably the
    Sunday Times:
    World misled over Himalayan glacier meltdown
    Not a bad headline for starters..,/u>


    • PS. read the comments under the article,it hey give a good idea
      what the public think about ‘global warming..not a lot. 266 comments so far….
      “The debate is not about climate change but about causes. It would appear that some scientists have sold their souls to become activists rather than objective proponents of scientific enquiry. This deception and carelessness is not science. That eminent people have indulged in this is unforgivable. The UN and Al Gore are largely to blame. I understand that carbon as a major contributor only gained credence when about 50 UN scientists decided after much debate to present it as fact. Yes. 50. The statement that all the world’s scientists agree etc. is questionable.”
      If all the ‘Alarmists’ think this will go away they are mistaken.

  4. Tom Roe says:

    The msm report the wildest speculations of the lunitic fringe as gospel but never go back to give the inevitable corrections. This is high journalism as its taught in our finest universities. Reminds me (sorry) of a journalism major who sat in front of me for a semester in college. I looked forward to the contact high I caught from the second hand cannabis aroma oozing out of him. Probably the senior editor of Harper’s today. This fraud is so pervasive that even Fox News can’t quite believe it. Still, if anyone is going to make the turn on this it will be Fox first. Many thanks to the old Aussie.

  5. Minty says:

    Why has Fox News ignored this story and John Coleman’s story on Nasa’s data?

  6. d. davidson says:

    To their credit The Australian newspaper has picked up on this story and has given it some prominence. Unfortunately the editorial staff are still hedging their bets on AGCC/GW. However the obvious result of “climategate” and “glaciergate” is that the science is NOT settled and proposed massive taxes through any C&T/ETS cannot be justified in any way.

  7. Bartley Kulp says:

    Actually Fox news has done more to trash the “Global Warming” lie than any other major news agency alive. Fox was the largest conduit in exposing “Climategate”.

    If Fox never reported about the Glaciers in the Himalayas melting than they need not correct themselves. Personally I never heard about the origional scare to begin with. With everyone crying that the Artic is melting and the polar bears disappearing, etc… Who has time to pay attention to every lie these Global Warming bandits conjur, let alone follow the rebuttle to more useless information.

  8. Tom Roe says:

    Fox reported this story last night. My belief is that Fox wants to go all out but is constrained to wait until the evidence is in. They will help debunk one myth at a time until we have the whole rotten structure leaning past the tipping point. Altough the pace has certainly quickend in our favor we have a way to go yet. Push, push, push.

  9. JOHN says:

    There’s a whole lot of other stuff going on right now like Haiti and the election in Mass tonight. I think they will get back on it more after things cool down some (pun intended).

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