570 Climategate Articles

Climategate used to be a very active blog, and we still have all the articles and comments online. There are almost 600 articles, so you will need to page through to see them all.

If you page all the way down you can click on the categories and tags.



    Roger Pielke Jr Pew poll Michio Kaku solar flares Norbert Röttgen John Shroder Andrew Weaver William Schlesinger Discovery News State of the Union solar storms 2012 dissertation Costella William Kininmonth Tom Quirk mountain ice mountaineering Philip Stott novel Shirley MacLaine Return to Almora United Church of Canada Mardi Tindal Nicholas Stern Roger Pielke Bishop Hill Phone Jones Stern Review Senate Raj Pachauri climategate.com Lisa Murkowski Marlo Lewis glacier Hitler Tom Borelli Stuart Varney stimulus banks Michal Mann Donna Laframboise natural disasters language World Wide Fund for Nature SEC risk cybersecurity Collin Peterson Ike Skelton emmissions Jay Rockefeller Climate Sceptics Party Alan Lowenthal extinction space exploration Constitution G7 IQALUIT oe Barton Greg Walden Netherlands Paul Dennis Lisa Jackson William Sprigg islands Malcolm Roberts Australian Climate Sceptic Party Heartland Institute free parking glenn beck degrees Jim Salinger. Kikwigate NIWA East Anglina climatology environmentalism James Freeman reputation Guardian UK non-believers Sir David King America Nigel Lawson whitleblower David King Penn Sate APCC ireland spies timeline ryle dwyer Murari Lal Syed Hasnain florida Manatees Iguanas Auto Suggest censorship Bing farming hunger strike Nick Griffin Yahoo hoax melting Freedom of Information Act USGS Virginia Richard Alley Joan Ruddock initiative boondogle Maunder Minimum solar gemagnetic activity Dan Logue Accuweather clergy YLE USHCNm Burt Rutan weather station Ilmastogate journal creationism Penn State University Kent Clizbe Joel Hesch salary Peru carbon neutral housing extremism Dominique Browning pressgate SSPI educational primer John Hirsh terrorism nuclear weapons Industrial Era Himalayan Hans Schreuder European Parliament Massachusetts eco-engineering letter Val Majkus melt Our Choice Christopher Booker prize National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies Parliment UK Parliament termperatures Royal Society Andrew Montford The Hockey Stick Illusion NAMIC National Association of Insurance Commissioners NAIC insurance The Crutape Letters Tom Fuller Regulatory Czar Adrian Vermeule Danny Glover Haiti Cass Sunstein paint Doomsday Clock Penn State. stimulus Stevensen screen temerature earthquake optimism TheAntiTerrorist Anthony Watts Andrew Revkin Geico NCDC New Scientist KUSI TV Himalaya petition police future Neville Nicholls vegetarianism WWF Centrica British Gas An Inconvenient Truth UNEP RICO Apple radiation greenland whaling harpoon Competitive Enterprise Institute Alan Carlin whales cow geothermal AltaRock Geopower Basel Wall Street Journal Carbon Reduction Commitment Pat Finnegan Bill O'Reilly Niagara Falls seante Bernie Sanders Bill Nye wind turbine biofuel Guardian Andy Cobb Thomas Karl Gareth Bowden Norfolk European Commission comic book Corus Steelworks Tata Steel test WMOCC ACPO NDET Nazism NHS suicide Hollywood Global Green James Cameron Stephen Dinan Weekly Standard snowball earth evaporation Site-Related Earth Hour John M. Broder National Academies of Science Mens News Daily Alternative energy European Union South Dakota Robyn Williams energy policy Mads Mikkelsen proof Bob Carter toads lobbyist lawsuits CATO pathological science Irving Langmuir Royal Statistical Society Diogenes Richard Black allergy Royal Society of Chemistry soil Lalu Hanuman allergies John Kerry Lindsey Graham Enron coal dinosaurs Pat Michaels predictions Narcissism Joe Lieberman solar energy personality disorder palm oil biofuels Andrew Neil Queensland Time magazine The Who Robert Watson Ferenc Miskolczi David Holland ClimateWatch Climate Watch Tata Frozen Wasteland Joy Behar unep fi peter dunscombe Mike Hulme Gabby Logan iigcc Howard Finemann Eve Ensler tsunami Keith Olbermann MSNBC Bob Ainsworth John Mitchell HJR12 Rupert Posner London Times UN IPCC Utah Kerry Gibson pension roskill report uea Pluto Raingate green ploice Murray Darling aviation Peter Sissons pension fund drought ETS Superbowl Audi Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme Chris Field Roger Pielkie Nettherlands Czechgate Jan Zeman Prague De Telegraaf Henk Tennekes sea ice Peabody Penny Wong Yvo de Boer Klementinum Jane Lubchenco FARCE UNFCCC UN Environment Programme cash-for-clunkers camel Seth Borenstein studies Ken Cuccinell Media Matters Kevin Trenberth Rick Perry protest iphone horse racing Scandinavia Sir Muir Russell Randy Olson investments wiki Warren Meyer British Council Globalwarmnsceptic Wibjorn Karlen Conoco Philips BP Catepillar Texas fog San Francisco Scandinaviagate Young Americans for freedom Donald Trump Catholic Church Galileo developing countries Nigeria Herick Svensmark heart attack lecture newsweek North Pole Peter Gwynne 1975 Lord Christopher Walter Monckton Stephen McIntyre Thomas Friedman Americans for Prosperity Geico caveman Europol Sweden Center for American Progress Sierra Club Torneträsk Wieslav Maslowski divergence forest Wales Russia. Soviet Union wind Socialism Jesse Ventura Lord Monkton Charles Krauthammer dams vegetation Tom Harris International Climate Science Coalition Copenhagen Climate Challege list lawyers Arnold Schwarzenegger Mark Morano Mark Maslin credit default swaps Blythe Masters George Will Rules of the Game Data NPR Larry Elder Hypocrisy Joyce Foundation Chicago Climate Exchange Britain SustainUS Roger L. Simon prostitution Ritt Bjerregaard Lionel Chetwynd Academy Award Watson Newsnight Jon Stewart data manipulation science software John Graham-Cumming The Heritage Foundation Rajendra Kumar Pachauri computer Christopher C. Horner depression recession leaked document Mohammed al-Sabban Europe Saudi Arabia hysteria Big Oil poetry Jaems Hansen treaty cars David Headley MIT The Matrix Ralf Tscheuschner physics International Journal of Modern Physics Christopher Booker citrus courts warmlist things caused by global warming Gerhard Gerlich Lawrence Soloman Mohib Ebrahim Tata Group clouds J. Scott Armstrong esten C. Green Green Party global warming analogies forecasting project forecasting Clean Air Act decadal Michael Crichton Jimmy Wales tax credits sea life MEP underrported S. Fred Singer windmill Walmart Oregon American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research race Berkeley David Suzuki ranches France interglacial food prices Richard Lindzen farms Robert Mugabe Diane Francis hugo chavez environment DIY excel Bret Baier world police free report capitalism marxism David Mayne Reid Hans Christian Andersen Qing-Bin Lu meteorological stations global tax Lawrence Solomon song international police Edward Markey assualt Top 10 trading pets animation children Henrik Svensmark Steven Hayward Cloud Theory cats Mark Lynas satellite One World Government George Papandreou dogs Gored Nathan Myhrvold dictionary spy drone Adolf Hitler Fox News Bilderberg Myron Ebell William Connolley movie scientists carbon footprint Conspiracy Theory Harry Smith United States Internet Realclimate.org Katrina polar bears lawsuit whistleblower poem Nature Scientific American Richard North China boycott cosmic rays poster Hide the Decline Build-A-Bear geoengineering Jim Inhofe PDF meat programming code Gavin Schmidt volcanos Barbara Boxer Copenhagen Finland Marc Morano Nature Magazine John Coleman Stephen Schneider tree-ring sex Twitter Sarah Palin Facebook Ian Plimer Kyoto Protocol AP music Phelim McAleer hackers cult ocean Jr climate.gov cows Climate Services storm Independent Climate Change Email Inquiry sfo earth Canada Muir-Wood EDF Osama bin Laden Urban Heat Island Nobel Peace Prize Czech Republic perjury UL Graham Stringer energy surface station Steve McIntrye Julia Slingo Climate Challenge Fund education arguments Institute of Physics George Monbiot ICO New Zealand NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies Raymond Bradley Ross McKitrick Environmental Defense Fund University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit Michael E. Mann Lucia Liljegren NRDC acidification NETCU Air Vent Keith Briffa Google peer-to-peer 2035 healthcare search termperature ice book National Domestic Extremism Team polar caps congress weather stations Islam carbon tax media bias agriculture poll surface stations Prince Charles UKIP ABC Washington Post 2009 economy global cooling ice age trees CNN John Beddington psychology Bob Watson Muir Russell Steven Mosher glaciergate rainforest Joe Bastardi Godfrey Bloom winter arctic Antarctic sunspots EU California carbon credits carbon trading Christmas Alex Jones EPA Steve McIntyre John Christy John Costella earthquakes hurricanes Edward Acton Roger Harrabin temperatures IPPC Scott Brown New York Times carbon India Greenpeace cold James Delingpole James Inhofe Medieval Warm Period carbon offsets Quick Post tax GISS fraud oceans Kevin Rudd sea level Gordon Brown climategate Russia Wikipedia Parliament Cap-and-trade cartoon debate james hansen methane snow Al Gore NASA hockey stick Himalayas NOAA Met Office Penn State FOIA emissions investigation greenhouse climate change global warming BBC video glaciers Australia temperature carbon dioxide Barack Obama Lord Monckton emails UK CRU weather Michael Mann East Anglia Rajendra Pachauri Phil Jones UN CO2 IPCC

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