Swedegate: Climate professor’s lies exposed By Swedish meteorologists

Disgraced Professor Phil Jones of Britain’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU) and his boss, Professor Edward Acton, head of the University of East Anglia appear to have been exposed in a blatant attempt to pervert justice. The Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) has released evidence that proves Jones lied to Parliament during his testimony last week on the Climategate scandal.

The evidence was released yesterday by top skeptic science blog, Watts up With That (WUWT)

Professors Jones and Acton had vigorously sought to defend themselves last week under cross-examination at the Parliamentary Select Committee Hearing against accusations that their university criminally defied demands under the Freedom of Infrormation Act (FOIA). In his testimony Jones claimed various nations, including Sweden, would not authorise release of their climate data and this was why he could not comply with FOIA requests. But the Swedes’ evidence proves this is a lie. SMHI have just released the following PDF files as proof:

Request from Professor Phil Jones regarding the release of data from the HadCRUT dataset dnr SMHI

Data from the HadCRUT dataset_100304


The much respected SMHI objected strongly to Jones’s flagrantly false testimony by releasing evidence to the public that proves Swedish climate data was readily available in the public domain. In fact, the new evidence shows that the Swedes had merely refused Jones’s request to attribute his ‘homogenized’ data to them. This revelation is so far the most disturbing because it constitutes blatant deceit by Climategate conspirators perpetrated directly upon Parliamentary investigators.

Professor Acton, head of the University of East Anglia, backed up Jones and may also be proven to have conspired to mislead Parliament about withholding data as shown by his answer in the Committee’s transcript (as per Q94) :

Chairman: “Why did you hide it then?”

Professor Acton:  “Unfortunately, several of these countries impose conditions and say you are not allowed to pass it on…. Seven countries have said, ‘No you cannot publish it’ [including] Sweden.”

Uncorrected Transcript of Oral Evidence

Both discredited professors may now stand accused of conspiring to commit fraud by false representation. Climate skeptics have long argued that the CRU was using a ‘homogenizing’ process on climate data to falsely make global temperatures appear warmer than they actually are. This latest news certainly gives further credibility to the accusation that Jones deliberately, rather than accidentally, ‘lost’ his data. Jones has already narrowly escaped criminal prosecution under the Freedom of Information Act by way of a technicality. But police now have a mounting case to charge Jones for conspiracy to commit fraud where no such technicalities will this time save the errant professor.

We now expect other nations to follow the Swedes and to defend themselves against the false statements of climatologists who refuse to release their climate data. Another key Climategate fraud suspect, Michael Mann, of Penn. State University has been named by US Senator Inhofe among a further dozen potentially criminal climate fraudsters exposed in the leaked CRU emails of November 2009. Without doubt this unravelling story is still set to cause further embarrassment to the British and other world governments who have premised trillion dollar ‘green’ tax raising policies on such discredited and fraudulently obtained junk science.

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8 Responses to “Swedegate: Climate professor’s lies exposed By Swedish meteorologists”

  1. Taruni says:

    Many of these scumbags should end up in prison and any awards they may have been given withdrawn. Sooner the better for there are dark forces ready to pass laws and regulations based on these climate scams.

  2. Mark Gardner says:

    Environment Canada has also said all their data is available online

  3. gb says:

    We need take note that Alarmists are fully invested and the only play they have left is to stick with their Mantra!

    I watched Al Gore as he recently stated that the oil companies were responsible for forming my opinion and those of all the other skeptics. We know that Algore is fully invested, he would tell any kind of lie to keep his vast fortune in green energy scams growing!

    The difference between an Alarmist and a Warmer? The Alarmist is often fully invested. What does Al ever do outside build his personal wealth? His followers are blind.

  4. Josualdo says:

    From what I read in the links, it goes thus: (1) The Swedish say that their set is likely not to be what the CRU will release, (2) that they don’t want the CRU to release data with their name on it as it might not be the real data, but modified data, and they want none of that (3) therefore they do not allow the CRU to release any Swedish data and (4) please consult their own under construction website, where partial data is public.

    The funny part is where the Swedish say they don’t want to be related to CRU’s data “pasteurization”.

  5. Tel says:

    Professor Phil Jones is a great man to have about the garden. Digs himself into a hole with impressive speed and efficiency.

    Josualdo, it is perfectly common to have a copyright license that allows only verbatim reproductions to be distributed. In the modern world of digital signatures it is very easy to check the integrity of a copy.

  6. val majkus says:

    Hi John; nice to have you back; miss your writing when you’re elsewhere; did you go to the recent hearings of the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee and if so hope you will write an article about it; nothing about it of course in our main stream media; here’s an interesting link though for you and all your readers ABC’s iron curtain descends http://www.quadrant.org.au/blogs/doomed-planet/2010/03/abc-s-iron-curtain-descends

    • Hi Val, I’m always buzzing around but also busy on personal projects. I intend to get back into more climategate issues very soon. No, I didn’t get to the Parliamentarian hearings but did follow them avidly. I just read your excellent link and was most impressed and submitted it as a news link, thanks. Please keep up the great work and submitting your news. I’m currently keeping tabs on Malcolm Robert’s excellent email debunk of Prof David Karoly and hope to write an analysis of that once it concludes, as it will, in Malcolm’s favour.

  7. Graham says:

    That’s an interesting point Josualdo, and one that none of the politicians seem to comprehend (or more likely they just have their heads buried in the sand), that ther debunked figureheads are being discredited for all time, and there’s no point trying to redeem them.

    Al Gore is a travelling freak show, Michael Mann is AWOL, Phil Jones is a broken man and the Met Office is a laughing stock. Meanwhile Pachauri flits about from poetry to soft porn as a latter day self appointed economy version of ‘Leonard da Vinci’.

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