Thank you, Young Americans for Freedom, for your Penn State demonstration

On Saturday we wrote about the groups who were demonstrating at Penn State, both for and against the university’s leniency on Climategate’s Professor Michael Mann. Leading the charge against Mann were the local Young Americans for Freedom group.

Almost 100 students, residents and community leaders were in attendance, and the group says this was, by far, the biggest demonstration of conservative activism on campus this year.

Go by their website and take a look at their photos and information, and give them some encouraging words. They are holding their next meeting on February 25, so if you are in the area you should go and show your support.

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12 Responses to “Thank you, Young Americans for Freedom, for your Penn State demonstration”

  1. Melissa says:

    Well done Young Americans for Freedom, we applaud your effort.

  2. Robert says:

    Why was this a conservative demonstration?
    Why couldn’t this have been organized by a generic student organization?
    I really don’t think we need even more group vs group thinking in this whole debate.

  3. Tom Roe says:

    I’m with you on that and hope that this becomes an issue for everyone to rally around. It’s that big and important. Still, we have to take our sparks where we can find them. Right doesn’t automatically mean wrong nor does Left. We have to break the blockade which currently exists and people in the streets will do it.

  4. xrayco2 - UK says:

    Keep up your efforts in bringing the Mann made hockey stick scandal to the searchlight of truth, and honest science. Hope you suceed in getting through the whitewash.

    Well done Young Americans for Freedom.

  5. Taruni says:

    This type of action and awareness must spread right thru the Nation and become a precedent for future action by us all.
    Buck up!


  6. yaosxx says:

    And there we were thinking all Youth had been corrupted by AGW – Good for you guys for taking up the fight!

  7. ScouseBilly says:

    Young Americans for Freedom, I applaud you.
    Keep up the pressure for an independent inquiry into this fraudster.

    From London, England but with you in spirit.

  8. realityreturns says:

    Young Americans for Freedom – another message of support from across the pond in England. You should be able to hear our loud cheers right across the Atlantic.

    Good work, guys. Science has been and goes on being politicised, discredited and disgraced by AGW advocates like Mann and Hansen in the USA and Jones et al in the UK. Your courage to stand up against the climate scaremongers is a bright ray of hope for the future. Don’t ever let these climate fraudsters off the hook.

    THANK YOU!!!
    very sincerely

  9. James Perth says:

    Surfing through quickly, I thought for a second that Joe-Pa was holding the sign in the lower left hand corner of the photo. Alas, not. Just as well, I’ll still root for Pitt over Penn State!

  10. AngloTexanGirl says:

    Who ever dared say American Youth were all brainwashed on MMCC?

    Great to see y’all fighting for freedom from the opression that the man-made global warming advocates have brought down on us by lies and deception on both sides of the Atlantic.

    Here in Britain, it is the ‘right’ who have been taking up the fight like some Republicans in the US. We don’t have a Republican party here and the Conservative party has gone to hell in a hand basket. The smaller UK Independence party are fighting back though, see video below:


    Keep up the good fight against the Mann whitwashing, guys. Y’all make me proud of my American origins.

    SW England

  11. theunbrainwashed says:

    Never forget! We, Brits are standing Shoulder to Shoulder with you guys



  12. zebulon says:

    Well done everyone! Keep up the good work!
    These scientific charlatans must be brought to justice.

    All the best from deepest darkest Dorset in the UK.

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