U.S. Lawyers get their legal briefs in order

Thanks to that learned sceptic number cruncher, Lord Monckton, the former adviser to the British government, top lawyers are now perfecting their legal briefs to derail the eco-fascist juggernaut. The Al Gore’s of that green world refused to heed their courtroom lessons from before and will now face even sterner consequences upon the emergence of the ‘Climategate’ scandal. The avuncular viscount says it’s all to do with the phoney IPCC graphs. Regular observers of this long-running saga will recall that this titanic green machine is no stranger to legal setbacks. Al Gore’s documentary, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ fell foul of a UK high court judge who pointed out Al’s ‘nine scientific errors.’ Despite that legal slap on the hand the snake oil salesmen kept on selling.

It has been succinctly pointed out by Lord Monckton that the iconic graphs splashed across almost all IPCC documents were known by them to be fraudulent. This is according to Monckton who claims to have personally notified the chairman of the IPCC, Rajendra Pachauri, a former railroad engineer of such facts but was wilfully ignored. And I am not one to doubt Monckton because there is no doubt that he has taken legal advice and is aware that his allegations, if they were proved false, would land him in court on libel charges. But Lord Monckton is not being hauled before any court or even threatened in any way for statements. Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, we may well assume the IPCC knows the viscount speaks the truth and the world’s leaders are teetering on the edge of greatest fraud the planet has yet seen.

Today Lord Monckton has been carefully explaining the technicalities of the dodgy data for the benefit of the best legal minds so that they can more eloquently prosecute their case. The eco-fascists have been data raping those ‘catastrophic’ climate change numbers all along. Lord Monckton’s index finger has been theatrically placed on the pointy great curves of that stochastic time-series (from the Greek meaning “a guess”, making stochastic data volatile and unpredictable). He has shown us the emperor has no clothes, they been lost in the climate spin machine upon a wisp of spurious acceleration and deceleration ‘trends.’ So confident is Monckton in his sums that he’s no longer pulling any punches.

Based on my experience as a legal advocate in both the US and UK and what I see presented by Lord Monckton, I believe that the many well-funded litigants now serving writs on those dodgy climatologists will totally discredit the warmist movement tying them up in courtrooms for the next two or three years.

Now we get to delve into a conspiracy that is a theory no more. For once proof of a data fraud has been established we then look at the shady beneficiaries who have garnered academic privilege and government grants from such mischief. Here we find the den of devilry has a paper trail of emails leading from the Penn State University computer of Michael Mann and his hockey team across the Atlantic to the Internet server of Professor Phil Jones and his hockey stickers of at the UK’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU). The Professor Joneses and Michael Mann’s of this world will never have the time or resources to do climate ‘research’ ever again. The whole ‘hockey team’ is a busted flush.

This was always going to be for the greens a loose coalition of unlikely accomplices ranging from the extreme left of the communists at Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth and the far right of the rich elite of Bilderberg, the Club of Rome, the Murdoch-moneyed mainstream media all cozied up with those self-serving politicians. We were able to expose the fragility of that axis of evil after Climategate and now on the world stage in Copenhagen the scam is unravelling in front of the eyes of the whole world.

Climategate Professor Phil Jones is very much in the frame to be indicted under US federal laws for conspiracy to defraud US tax funding. The leaked CRU emails include much of his correspondence with American-based climatologists, Michael Mann, Kevin Trenberth, etc. They are all key contributors to the IPCC policy statements process and influential advisers. Between them they have influenced the spending of over $50 billion spent worldwide by governments seeking to prove a link between co2 and climate. In the leaked email entitled, 1120676865.txt, Jones says:


Mike’s response could do with a little work, but as you say he’s got the tone almost dead on. I hope I don’t get a call from congress! I’m hoping that no-one there realizes I have a US DoE grant and have had this (with Tom W.) for the last 25 years. I’ll send on one other email received for interest.


Note the worried tone in his comment? Jones (or more precisely, his department) has benefited to the tune of almost $20 million in funding from US and UK government sources. Both jurisdictions have similar laws relating to malfeasance of public office as well as safeguards for public interest under their separate freedom of information acts. The UK and US have exemplary extradition treaties under the Hague Convention and Professor Jones has made himself a prime candidate on RICO racketeering charges as well as spoliation (destruction of evidence) being that he admits destroying data. If he is convicted for those offences he may serve a maximum penalty of 20 years in jail and/or a fine of up to $250,000. If I were him I’d be a very worried man. As they say in New York, he’d better get lawyered up damn quick!

A lengthy discovery process will precede any court action. What I noticed this week was that the University of East Anglia, contrary to the public statement 10 days ago, has removed pages from their website that contained portions of the disputed data. This may be indicative of a presumption that litigation (criminal and/or civil) is in the pipeline.

Now you don’t need to be an expert scholar of the stochastic time-series to interpret the deafening silence from the IPCC about these allegations. This story is a corker and will run and run!

Acknowledgement: WattsUpWithThat.com

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8 Responses to “U.S. Lawyers get their legal briefs in order”

  1. It’s worth making the point that there are a good many North American lobbyists and ‘scientists’ who are seen to be connected by either the leaked cru climategate’ emails, back to Ben Santer, a Rockefeller stooge. As Lord Monckton points out, Santer and Maurice Strong have crossed the grey area of the law in their activities while being linked with the UN. So many of these people are linked to the Bilderberg Club.

    Watch this video and realise who it is who is trying to take away your freedom:

    Chapter One of the History of the Twenty-first century will tell us that it was the Bilderberg’s secret club that laid the foundations to the great scam of the age.

    Ben Santer, was the Bilderberg’s inside man. He re-wrote the 1995 United Nations climate report. The story starts with him. Santer and another crook, Maurice Strong milked the UN for their own benefit. (Strong was implicated in a cash payment with South Korean businessman, Tongsun Park, who in 2006 was convicted in New York federal court of conspiring to bribe U.N. officials to rig Oil-for-Food). Mr. Strong was thus the right calibre of man for David Rockefeller who groomed him to serve as Director of the Rockefeller Foundation, is also a member of the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Club of Rome. Santer and Strong typify the kinds of character who would drive the whole scam to Rockefeller’s tune.

    Lord Monckton has done a superb job is tracing the tracks of these climate conspirators. Their names even appear in the climategate emails. Santer is the dodgy magician who ‘abolished’ the Medieval Warm Period by trickery- just scratched it out with his pen. In 2001 good old Ben then clandestinely erased all other bits of the past he didnt like from the previous United Nations IPCC climate report given to world leaders.

    Santer’s task was simple: make historic temperature record look cooler so that today’s global temperatures appear warmer. It was in the 2007 IPCC report that the grandest of bogus graphs appeared to accelerate the new warming effect that the peoples of the world must believe occurred late in 20th century. The ‘hockey stick’ graph then became the new iconic flag of totalitarian ideology. The eco-fascists fly as proudly as Hitler did his swastika.

    • Steve Mennie says:

      John O’Sullivan..

      Not an ad hominem attack but really John..”The eco-fascists fly as proudly as Hitler did his swastika..” This is purple prose which you, as a writer, should know. Man, who isn’t involved in this conspiracy? You’ve covered the waterfront..it’s fascists, capitalists, socialists, the U.N…how about Israel? And as far as world shaking frauds and scams go..how about the one about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Oh, I guess it’s the same guys…I mean who else is there except Rotarians?

  2. Bill Ross says:

    This issue is just a minor aspect of the perpetual war between predator and prey, for all of history, once solved by the “rule of law”. It will be refuted and another grand fraud, civilization will be created to replace it, since the “war of terror” is refuted, as was socialism. At heart, this is a war against intelligence and reality, just to profit by conflict.

    The “rule of law” is a precisely defined law. It is the highest law of mankind, stated below:

    “the suppression of forceful and fraudulent methods of goal seeking”

    “all are treated equally by the law”. This means ALL, including king and judges

    “absolute property rights”

    This in turn is based on the fact that human behavior (the topic of law) is about goal seeking. In the seeking of any goal, there are only three possible methods: force, fraud and honest trade. Any transaction that is not an honest, mutually agreed trade will cause a self-defensive response (conflict) from the victim whose survival has been affected.

    “The Rule of Law” is the glue that keeps all of mankind acting together in common interest, tied together by mutual dependence of trade, on an evolutionary path to excellence. Force and fraud creates conflict and destroys civilizations. Mankind is now on a devolutionary path to extinction because the co-operation once forced by “the rule of law” has been replaced by legitimizing force and fraud for those who incorrectly believe they wield power.

    Rule of Law, Defined

    Purpose of, Reasons For

    Mathematics of Rule (explains current economic stall)

    How to THINK and solve problems

    “The danger is not that a particular class is unfit to govern. Every class is unfit to govern. The law of liberty tends to abolish the reign of race over race, of faith over faith, of class over class.” ~ Lord Acton

    Bill Ross
    (Electronics Design Engineer)

  3. good analysis, Bill. Darwinism is alive and well.

  4. Bill Ross says:

    This is also the script according to Machiavelli (strategically denied bible of arbitrary power – politics):

    Machiavelli Paraphrased: “Arbitrary power can get away with ANYTHING, so long as it appears “necessary” to intellectually crippled populations (falsely framed arguments, based on lies for input facts, flogged by corrupt experts, shilling and prostituting their academic degrees for power, blind trust of populace, a social disease and mental illness I call “expertitus”) . In essence, all such arguments are a house of cards, false assumptions built upon false assumptions, the false equating of speculation to REALITY.”

    The is the exact same algorithm used to rationalize the initiation of aggression against Iraq, a war crime. The same false “argument” is being carefully constricted against Iran. Embargo, the first step of war, initiated.

    With the discrediting of socialism, all pretexts regarding slavery of the productive to “help the unfortunate” (who adapt to dependency, collapsing civilization) have been replaced by pretexts “to avoid terror” such as necessity for preemptive justice, war or “save the environment” (AGW fraud, etc).

    In these false arguments, the “bad guys” always have something to steal. The “good guys” are those who intend to profit by the thievery.

  5. W R H WEST says:

    What has been exercising my mind–why have scientists comprised their training &ethics.They fit the profile of crooks & tax cheats.In N.Z.an exwork-mate at CRU has been sacked from the Govt weather office amongst some public comment.With access to large funding &possible slack audit procedures atax audit of the cronies who cooperated on scienc-fixing should turn a profit.

  6. Adam Cassidy says:

    Re : John O’Sullivan’s statement “The eco-fascists fly as proudly as Hitler did his swastika.”

    I don’t think this is over the top at all – it is nothing less than a cogent analysis of what we are watching unfold.


    Al Gore – Sun God Shaman?

    If you actually read the science, you’ll find it to be well known that the Earth experiences 30-35 year temperature cycles. Thus any ‘climatologist’ who supposedly didn’t know this would be considered a fool amongst their colleagues.

    In fact, if this is your job, you can’t NOT know about Earth’s 30-35 year temperature cycles!

    Thus many scientists have been waiting for this latest warming ‘wave’ within the greater ‘tide’ to break, which is very likely what we are seeing right now with all of this record winter weather around the world. It snowed last year in Baghdad, for crying out loud – first time in 100 years!! And now England is snowed in, and the fraudsters have not-so-subtly changed their rhetoric from ‘Global Warming’ to ‘Climate Change Crisis’.

    But this is only a re-branding of their fraud. Al Gore and crew attempted to use an upward fluctuation in this cycle to spread terror for power and profit, just as Inca and Mayan Priests once used their knowledge of eclipses to intimidate their populations, and pretend a direct connection to God.

    The motives of this are plain : Al Gore has a Carbon Credit Exchange waiting in the wings, developed with David Blood and, early in its development, Ken Lay of Enron. These two crooks have already played key roles in collapsing our economies, in their quest for profits under the new ‘Scarcity Capitalism’ Lay was so fond of, and we are about to hand over our economies to their sinister, vile, greedy machinations.

    If you look back at the only really solid data we have, which of course only covers the last 100 years or so – you will see the two previous cycles were a little longer than this one. If you go long range, you see that overall, we ARE in a warming cycle. It’s been warmer centuries ago, it’s hardly a bad thing, there’s nothing we can do about it anyway, so we prepare, is all. Big deal.

    But this game plays out like this – it’s not ’settled science’, but it is still fairly well known that the latest upward swing would lead to a dip – and we would have a carbon tax imposed just in time for a 35 year downswing in temperatures, when our energy needs would skyrocket. The payout would go beyond bags of money. It would be Global Fascism at it’s purest and finest.

    Thus they started to go into the schools in the 90’s, to indoctrinate a generation of children in their fraudulent cult – it’s easy to see that it’s been nothing less than timed, if you just do a little ‘hindcasting of your own. If this natural upward fluctuation in temperature cycles were to have lasted an extra year or two – assuming we are looking at the onset of the dip we should be and would be expecting if we had honest leaders who weren’t trying to enslave us with phony science – there would be an army of self-hating eco-police coming out to do battle against evil polluting humanity over the next decade and all the laws would have been in place.

    It is nothing less than FOOLISH to abandon one source of energy without first developing another. To attempt to force the issue with a blatant scientific fraud destroys any alleged value in such an effort – in case you forgot, Stalin taught us the true meaning of “The End Justifies The Means”.

    What Al Gore and the rest of the Climate Clown Cabal did – and are still trying to do! – is TREASON. Anybody remember what that is? Well, I’ll give you a hint – before there can be treason, you need to still have a country first.

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