One Response to “Uncovered Testimony: Gore admits temperatures cause CO2 to increase, not the other way around”

  1. Steven Douglas says:

    Damn it, stop grabbing at straws. Gore, in typical Gore fashion, evaded the hell out of this question, and was as morally repugnant and intellectually, insultingly dishonest as he has always been. His ONLY admission was that “sometimes that has been true in the past” (that CO2 lagged temperatures in the ice core records). “Sometimes” was the tiny word-crack that this rat of a human being escaped into, as CO2 lagging temperatures was the DOMINANT RULE of the past, with crossovers showing otherwise the rare exception, but even that scathingly dishonest “admission” on Gore’s part can not be taken that he “admitted that temperature causes CO2 to increase, and not the other way around”. To suggest such a thing is to play the same game that the warmists are playing. Don’t do it! The facts are damning enough to the warmists. STICK TO THEM.

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